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Scientists first observed that the atomic gas has strong magnetism

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology issued a notice on September 17 that it is necessary to explain the position of the sample and their unique understanding of the mold structure design. The direction of the metallographic grinding surface announced that the scientists of the University observed that the atomic gas has strong magnetism for the first time, thus answering the decades long academic debate: whether the gas can have the same magnetism as iron or nickel magnets. The announcement said that this discovery, if confirmed, would rewrite the current physics textbook

MIT researchers used lithium-6 isotopes. Lithium-6 contains three protons, three neutrons and three electrons. It belongs to fermions (semi integer spin particles) and has characteristics similar to electrons, which can be used to simulate the behavior of electrons. They used an infrared laser beam to capture the ultracold lithium atomic gas mass and cooled it to only 15 parts per billion Kelvin above absolute zero. When the repulsion between atoms is gradually increased, several phenomena observed by researchers indicate that the gas has become strongly magnetic. The atomic air mass first becomes larger, and then suddenly retracts. The microcomputer controlled electric control experimental machine is based on the ordinary motor, gear, and lead screw drive loading, and is changed to adopt the servo electromechanical shrinkage which is convenient for automatic control. When atoms are released from the trap, they suddenly expand rapidly. These phenomena are completely consistent with the theoretical prediction of magnetic phase conversion

the scientific community has debated for decades about whether fermions may have strong magnetism in the gaseous or liquid state, and this MIT study gives a definite answer. Keitler, a professor of physics and head of the research team at the University, said that this discovery is very important and will promote people's understanding of the physical phenomenon of magnetism. Magnetic materials have very important application value for data storage, nanotechnology and medical diagnosis

the announcement said that if this discovery is confirmed, it will rewrite the description of magnetic theory in physics textbooks, "indicating that fermion gas can have strong magnetism without crystal structure. Scott Pritchard, a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of technology and another research leader, pointed out: "our evidence is very convincing, but it is not an easy task to fully prove (that gas is strongly magnetic). We have not observed the situation that atoms point to the region. These atoms begin to form molecules, and may not have enough time to adjust themselves."

the announcement said that the research team has begun to use new technology for further observation

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