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Scotland is considering investing 400million pounds to build a 250000 ton pulp plant

now is the time when the unemployment problem in Scotland is the most serious. However, if this wood pulp project with an investment of 400million pounds and an annual production capacity of 250000 metric tons is successfully implemented, 800 working machines will be created, and the equipment will have a high degree of automation

hunterston deepwater port in the north of Ayrshire is considered as the construction site of the plant. At present, the port mainly transports coal for power plants

at present, 90% of paper pulp in Britain is imported, and the main producing areas are from northern Europe, the United States and Spain. Pulp is the third largest imported commodity

although there are 10 paper mills in Scotland with tax relief of 592million US dollars, there is only one pulp mill supporting the construction of waste iron recycling, disassembly and classification, processing and distribution bases, located near Irvine, Ayr county

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