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"Scissors, stone, paper" you will never win the manipulator

□ Dahe Daily · Dahe client Gong Xu

our reporter yesterday, in the exhibition hall of the 2018 digital summit, we saw five robots in a row doing the same dance. At first glance, there is nothing special. After careful inquiry, I found a clue

although it seems to be a neat draw, director Wang: plastic one is increasingly used in domestic passenger cars, but their signals are transmitted in turn. When the command is given, the first robot makes the corresponding action, and then the signal is sent back to the Nanjing core, and then to the second robot, and so on. The 5g environment can provide a high-quality network with a delay of only 1 millisecond, so the actions of the five robots look neat and uniform

superior quality is that in the blink of an eye, the signal has run back and forth between Zhengzhou and Nanjing. Zhao Qihang, manager of ZTE's core products, said that this is a 5g end-to-end network slice launched by ZTE in cooperation with Chinatelecom. It demonstrates the precise control of 5g network pair time delay through robot dance. This application is mainly used in telemedicine and driverless

the driverless car located in the China mobile exhibition area attracted everyone's attention as soon as it came out. The driverless car outside the venue was driving leisurely, and it was the indoor staff who controlled the car

the staff sitting on the car model has six large screens in front of them, which correspond to the front, rear, left and right directions of the outdoor car respectively. It is really "seeing six roads". "This is just a model experiment. The real operation definitely needs more perspectives." The staff said that because the road condition information is complex, the imaging should be fast after receiving the signal, and the unmanned vehicle should respond quickly after taking countermeasures. This series of fast should be carried out in 5g environment. The relevant report data of unmanned vehicles in the future shows that the problems related to the detection of particleboard by major electronic universal testing machines work in mining areas and other adverse road conditions

in the Chinatelecom exhibition area, the manipulator that can accompany you with "scissors, stone and cloth" also attracted everyone's onlookers. You can't win against it. When you make a gesture, the system will automatically detect whether you are making a "stone" or a "cloth", and then the signal will be sent back to analyze and make the corresponding gesture. "It is cheating quickly." The staff laughed and said


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