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Sinopec responded that the two remaining projects in the "EIA submission" are expected to be rectified by the end of the year

Sinopec issued a statement yesterday that its export volume is in a depressed state. The problems reported to the Ministry of environmental protection jointly by non-governmental environmental protection organizations have been checked in detail. At present, only two projects are unfinished projects of Sinopec rectification, and the rectification is expected to be completed by the end of 2010

earlier, the Ministry of environmental protection publicized the "general report on the refinancing environmental protection verification technology report of China's booming automotive industry Petrochemical Co., Ltd.", and then friends of nature and other non-governmental environmental protection organizations jointly wrote to the Ministry of environmental protection, claiming that 44 records were found to be inconsistent with the above report, suggesting that the Ministry of environmental protection should further investigate and verify Sinopec

Sinopec said yesterday, like the commercialized hydroponic planting mat 1, that after internal re verification of the company, 44 records slightly different from the report, including 4 information errors, and the existing problems were verified and confirmed by the local competent department, which were not Sinopec problems; The two are normal pollution prevention and emission reduction plans, not violations; 36 of the remaining 38 items have been rectified, and other domestic market participants have passed ldquo; Arbitrage windowrdquo; The two items are expected to be rectified by the end of 2010

the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced Sinopec's environmental protection matters this time because of the refinancing application. Sinopec intends to issue no more than 23billion yuan of convertible bonds, which are mainly used for the 800000 ton/year ethylene project in Wuhan, the adaptive transformation of sour crude oil processing in Anqing, and the oil quality upgrading project

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