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Sinopec stepped up the development of synthetic oil complete technology

Sinopec has taken an important step in the development of synthetic oil complete technology. On August 8, the hydro upgrading of Fischer Tropsch synthetic products to produce lubricating oil and wax project passed the technical review organized by Sinopec, and the pilot test scheme of hydro upgrading of Fischer Tropsch synthetic wax and biological aviation kerosene was clarified. According to the project plan, the industrial application device of pilot technology will be completed and put into operation in the refined wax plant of Henan oil field in the first quarter of next year, because the columns and beams built with steel structures are narrower and thinner than those of conventional concrete

hydrogenation and upgrading technology is an important part of the complete set of synthetic oil technology. This year, the junior high school petrochemical and Petrochemical Research Institute completed the laboratory pilot test of Fischer Tropsch synthetic products. The market of 3-yuan cathode materials is mainly ncm523. In mid July, Sinopec signed a 147.1 technology development entrustment contract with its subordinate Academy of petroleum Sciences, Henan Oilfield Branch refined wax plant and engineering construction company, which will invest 14million yuan for the industrial application test and research of Fischer Tropsch synthetic oil hydrotreating pilot technology, of which 12million yuan will be used for the transformation of wax hydrotreating unit in Henan Oilfield refined wax plant. It is expected that the transformation of the unit will be completed by the end of the year and put into operation in the first quarter of next year

it is understood that the technology of upgrading Fischer Tropsch synthetic oil to produce base oil is still blank in China. After the successful development and application of this technology, Sinopec will form a complete set of synthetic oil technology with independent intellectual property rights to enhance its competitiveness and influence in the field of alternative energy

in the research process of this project, according to the structural characteristics and product requirements of fixed bed and slurry bed Fischer Tropsch synthetic wax, the Academy of stone Sciences developed two Fischer Tropsch synthetic wax processing and quality improvement technologies for the production of lubricating oil base oil and special wax. They achieved the simultaneous development of oil and wax by optimizing the catalyst and the appropriate reaction depth in the hydrotreating section

according to the introduction, Fischer Tropsch synthetic oil refers to the synthetic oil with properties similar to petroleum based fuel produced by Fischer Tropsch synthetic process. Sinopec is currently stepping up the development of a complete set of natural gas to synthetic oil (GTL)/coal to synthetic oil (CTL) technology. Naphtha, diesel oil, lubricating oil base oil, special wax, etc. can be obtained from the products of natural gas to synthetic oil and coal to synthetic oil through different process routes. Diesel oil and lubricating oil base oil will be the main products. After hydrotreating, gtl/ctl synthetic oil can be used to produce high-quality base oils above API class III. these base oils have high viscosity index, good oxidation stability and low evaporation loss. They are excellent raw materials for preparing high-grade lubricating oils and can meet the increasingly stringent lubrication needs of automotive engines

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